After a week full of cakes and selfie retakes, joy of Christmas & New Year, family shopping and bonding, gift wrapping and celebrating, downplaying work and experiencing new cultural quirks, most of us have returned with a bag full of memories. While we want these memories to have a lasting impact on us, we are often faced with two challenges. Shedding off those extra kilos and getting back to official WhatsApp & emails tagged ASAP.

Shedding off those extra kilos is a sensitive subject and I shall not touch upon it because I truly lack the experience and expertise in this subject matter. But getting back to work routine is equally daunting and that’s what we shall talk about.

Day 1 : I am busy reading hundreds of back-dated emails and dealing with tonnes of deliverables that have reached me with an ASAP tag. By afternoon, I feel like having reached the peak of Mount Everest, that too without oxygen.

Obviously, it is not easy to bounce back to this work routine and efficiently undertake our daily tasks. What stops us from doing this is THE HOLIDAY HANGOVER.

It is a common phenomenon that most of us suffer from. But it is quite normal and happens to everyone as we have had an amazing amount of fun and frolic during the vacations and it is just human to crave for more. But what’s more important is, how quickly we get over with this Holiday Hangover and keep the ball rolling.

Below are a few tips and instructions, which if followed can help you bounce back to normalcy.

  1. The First Step is to understand if you are facing an issue of holiday hangover.

In order to confirm, check if you are experiencing these symptoms.

  • Loss of appetite. You start disliking your daily dubba even more.
  • Sadness. You are using words like; mood nahi hai yaar, kal kar lenge, it will take time, blah, blah, blah.
  • Inability to settle down. You are not too warm in responding to your colleagues or superiors.
  • Irritation. You are just irritated with everything around you.
  • Anger. You are not too warm in your response to emails or in-person discussions.
  • Procrastination. You don’t want to close anything today.

The most probable causes why you might be facing these issues are, either you are feeling absolutely bored or you are frustrated from a part of your life, or possibly because you still wish that the holiday season should have continued or should have not ended so early.

2. The second step is to be prepared that you are going to come across such a mood transition or at least be in a conscious state of mind to accept it.

Being completely aware and prepared helps in dealing with the situation in a much efficient manner. Expecting this feeling will usher a smoother transition.

3. Share and cherish the memories of your vacation with your friends.

Sharing can be helpful in getting over anything. Sharing your thoughts and memories can really be helpful as it indirectly signals and informs the brain that the vacation period is over and what is left behind are memories. Thereby sharing memories can really be therapeutic in getting over post vacation blues.

Caution: The above method will not work if you believe that sharing means only social media.

4. Revisit your commitments

Writing your commitments on a piece of paper can actually help in getting that extra push to restart things easily. It also helps in preparing the mind to attend the important tasks waiting ahead.

5. Plan your next vacation

Anticipating and planning the next vacation can be very inspiring. Don’t forget that you need to work really hard for getting the best out of the upcoming vacation. Give your best at work, to make the next vacation most rewarding.

These are some of the great ways you can inspire and motivate yourself to get back to work with full zeal and gusto.