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Dream Girl – Reviewing the movie & our relationships !

Catering to a generation that loves biophilic workplaces, self-plans their trips, likes to wake up to a day without reminders full of tick-mark items often drives to the multiplexes with an intention to sit through the screen for a multi-grain… Continue Reading →

Shankar’s 2.0 brings an era of snow kissed mountains to an end.

1990s witnessed Indians getting influenced by American culture. The primary reason for this was economic liberalization blessing Indians with an increased purchasing power and hence an aspiration to flaunt International brands and explore places like America and Europe. Improved American… Continue Reading →

Badhai Ho – Bollywood is moving towards content !

Making a movie is an art but making it to The Hit List in India is no less than cracking a sales code. Reasons are many. Bollywood gets challenged by regional cinema which is breaking boundaries and creating an impact… Continue Reading →

PAD MAN – Played the EMPATHY card well

Digital is the way & Technology overrides everything. As marketers, we always struggle

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