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Let us revive ourselves with this Diwali !

Amidst the mizzle and drizzle of rains are the nights full of dance and vigor. A celebration of the divine goes on for nights that are numbered nine. Popularly known as Navratri, this festival-of-nights sets the perfect stage for the… Continue Reading →

Sankranti celebrates the happiness of newness !

#Sankranti marks the beginning of a new month and a new house of astrology. Though there are 12 in a year, the most popular one is #MakarSankranti. Probably because it brings about a major shift in our lives. This is… Continue Reading →

Let’s tilak our brothers tri-color !

Greeted by the wettest July, here’s to the august beginning of a festival series that adds a magical chime to the hide-and-seek of sun and clouds in the gloomy sky. While the breeze is chilling out in the cool environs,… Continue Reading →

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