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Paris is always a good idea

Whisking away at over 300 Kms./hr. from Mannheim to Paris. My heart travelled the memory lane of chuk-chhuk gaadi which I always romanticized. And my mind got blown away by the fascination of high-speed train. Before I could get them together, there came a magical kiss from the sun rising amidst the picturesque villages covered […]

Real Estate versus Stock Market Investment

Investing in any sector is a challenging job. If you know the pros and cons of every sector then it can help you to invest better.

PAD MAN – Played the EMPATHY card well

Digital is the way & Technology overrides everything. As marketers, we always struggle

How to Stop Phubbing

DISCLAIMER: If you are reading this article while compromising on talking to your family…

Let’s UnPlug ! Let’s Un-Phub !

Are you sleeping with your Smartphone? Are you waking up to whatsapp and not ginger tea anymore?

Brands are moving from social liking to love

It dawned on me while sitting in traffic; these days cars move at a crawl, but information beats the speed of light.

Real Estate Advertising is Evolving from BHK selling

This is the post excerpt.

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