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Why Not Rituals?

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Rituals help children develop the power to explore, think rationally and participate. This is possible only if parents take the onus of introducing the rituals in the right way to their children and not just push them to participate.

Let us revive ourselves with this Diwali !

Amidst the mizzle and drizzle of rains are the nights full of dance and vigor. A celebration of the divine goes on for nights that are numbered nine. Popularly known as Navratri, this festival-of-nights sets the perfect stage for the… Continue Reading →

Sankranti celebrates the happiness of newness !

#Sankranti marks the beginning of a new month and a new house of astrology. Though there are 12 in a year, the most popular one is #MakarSankranti. Probably because it brings about a major shift in our lives. This is… Continue Reading →

Seeking attention. An old quest. A new trick.

Accompanied by one of the best in the world. I still crib. God, it hardly went right for a day and now again!! …..urrr….I have lost all the charm in my life.…..urrr….! How do I fix this? But I don’t… Continue Reading →

Dream Girl – Reviewing the movie & our relationships !

Catering to a generation that loves biophilic workplaces, self-plans their trips, likes to wake up to a day without reminders full of tick-mark items often drives to the multiplexes with an intention to sit through the screen for a multi-grain… Continue Reading →

Let’s tilak our brothers tri-color !

Greeted by the wettest July, here’s to the august beginning of a festival series that adds a magical chime to the hide-and-seek of sun and clouds in the gloomy sky. While the breeze is chilling out in the cool environs,… Continue Reading →

Get rid of that vacation hangover

After a week full of cakes and selfie retakes, joy of Christmas & New Year, family shopping and bonding, gift wrapping and celebrating, downplaying work and experiencing new cultural quirks, most of us have returned with a bag full of… Continue Reading →

Shankar’s 2.0 brings an era of snow kissed mountains to an end.

1990s witnessed Indians getting influenced by American culture. The primary reason for this was economic liberalization blessing Indians with an increased purchasing power and hence an aspiration to flaunt International brands and explore places like America and Europe. Improved American… Continue Reading →

Badhai Ho – Bollywood is moving towards content !

Making a movie is an art but making it to The Hit List in India is no less than cracking a sales code. Reasons are many. Bollywood gets challenged by regional cinema which is breaking boundaries and creating an impact… Continue Reading →

Paris is always a good idea

Whisking away at over 300 Kms./hr. from Mannheim to Paris. My heart travelled the memory lane of chuk-chhuk gaadi which I always romanticized. And my mind got blown away by the fascination of high-speed train. Before I could get them together, there came a magical kiss from the sun rising amidst the picturesque villages covered […]

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